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LOL Surprise Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas

Christmas is approaching fast, and little ones are excited to unbox their gifts from Santa, family, and friends! While LOL Surprise dolls, playsets, and dollhouses make great gifts for under the tree, we have compiled a list of great options for stocking stuffers. LOL Surprise gifts are always a hit, plus they make the perfect gift for lil sisters, tweens, and big sisters!

LOL Surprise Smartwatch, Camera & Game

Sometimes the best things come in small packages- and the new LOL Surprise Smartwatch, Camera & Game is the perfect example! It combines the interactive features of a smartwatch with a fierce, fashionable LOL Suprise style that little girls will love! Plus, it features one of kids' favorite LOL Surprise fashion dolls: M.C. Swag! She has moving arms and legs, fun sound effects, and 100+ expressions to keep kids laughing, dancing, playing, learning, and more!

It's got two cameras for taking selfies and videos (plus room for 3,000 photos or 30 minutes of video), and kids can customize their photos with silly stickers too.

The LOL Surprise Smartwatch, Camera & Game features fun, interactive dancing, learning, augmented reality games and makes the perfect Christmas gift!

Mini LOL Surprise Color Change Surprise, Series 2, with 5+ Surprises

OMG! Fan favorite LOL Surprise exclusive dolls in miniature size? Each Mini is a replica of their 10” inch fashion doll and includes a signature accessory to complete their fierce looks. Will you find the electric Pop B.B. or the showstopping Honeylicious?

These glam musical divas now feature a color change surprise! Dip the Mini in water and discover each doll’s alternate look. The ball opens and reveals a multi-room playset unique to each character to hang out with their B.F.F.s. Grab your favorite LOL Surprise dollhouse for hours of imaginative play!

Collect all 11 adorable minis and create your miniature LOL Surprise OMG playset collection!

LOL Surprise Winter Chill Confetti Surprise Dolls with 15 Surprises

What better way to spend Christmas morning than in pajamas with a FUN LOL Surprise Toy? The LOL Surprise Winter Chill Confetti Surprise Dolls are perfect for the season! Each capsule has 15 surprises with a new surprise confetti unboxing! If you still need to collect LOL fan-favorite wintery doll characters, now is your chance. The confetti surprise unboxing includes a surprise pop of confetti for a party in every capsule.

Unbox 15 surprises, including a pop of confetti, a mystery disguise, and a LOL Surprise doll with a water surprise. Unwrap each layer of your mystery disguise to reveal who's inside. Disguise can be reused as fashions and accessories. Feed or bathe your doll to reveal a water surprise. The confetti pop capsule can be put back together and popped repeatedly.

Collect all 9 LOL Surprise Winter Chill Confetti Surprise dolls!

LOL Surprise Lights Glitter Doll with 8 Surprises Including Black Light Surprises

These cuties are ready for their Christmas fashion show! And what makes the best kinds of fashion shows? Black lights! Unbox 8 surprises, including all-new black light surprises with LOL Surprise Lights Glitter.

Unwrap each layer for hints at which sparkly doll you will get.

Each doll is a new character with stunning glitter details. Shine the included black light on your doll to reveal black light surprises! Bathe or feed your doll for a water surprise, like spitting and color change.

Each LOL Surprise Lights Glitter doll includes eight surprises. There are twelve new sparkly characters with fabulous glitter details. Collect them all!

LOL Surprise Holiday Supreme Doll Sleigh Babe with 8 Surprises

‘Tis the season to sparkle with LOL Surprise Holiday Supreme. We are introducing Sleigh Babe!

Unbox 8 surprises, including a limited edition Sleigh Babe doll. The fan-favorite rare doll got a sparkly makeover with glitter details, new fashions, and wintery accessories. Feed or bathe Sleigh Babe for a water surprise!

Check out Sleigh Babe’s friend, Tinsel and complete the collection. The ornament ball can be used as a display for your dolls or hung on the tree as an ornament. Each LOL Surprise Holiday Supreme doll includes eight surprises.

LOL Surprise collectible dolls with stylish hair, fun-to-dress outfits, and many detailed accessories make a perfect toy and playset for kids!

Collect both Holiday Supreme dolls – Tinsel and Sleigh Babe!

So instead of t-shirts and socks, start your own stocking stuffing trends and get some one-of-a-kind LOL Surprise gifts! Add some other small stocking stuffers that every girl loves, like LOL Suprise stickers, crayons, a small Lego package, and even lip gloss, and enjoy the day in LOL Surprise style!