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MGA's Dream Ella Candy Unicorn - Cherry, Glitter Lollipop Themed Pink Unicorn

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MGA’s Dream Ella and MGA's Dream Bella dolls inspire kids to be whatever they dream.

DreamElla, Yasmin, and Aria step into a magical world of candy and find themselves and their little sisters DreamBella, Jaylen and Aubrey transformed into Candy Princesses along with their unicorns, Ocean, Cherry, Lilac, Sea Glass, Ribbon, and Lavender transformed into Candy Unicorns. In this land of sugar swirls, dreams come true, and everything smells so sweet!

Cherry has a matching lollipop-themed and candy-scented Candy Princess named Yasmin. DreamElla and Aria are candy-scented Candy Princesses inspired by cotton candy & gummy bears with matching Candy Unicorns, little sisters, and Candy Little Unicorns.

MGA’s Dream Ella Candy Princess Assortments, Candy Unicorn Assortments and the Candy Carriage and Unicorn playset make the perfect gifts for young imaginative play. The dolls are candy scented and the unicorns have candy-scented hair clips!  Collect the entire candy world!

Product Features

    • LOLLIPOP UNICORN. Cherry is a lollipop-themed pink unicorn with glittery candy-striped horn, glittery lollipop icon with wings, long pink mane and tail, brown eyes, pearlized hooves, and a unique scratch n’ sniff candy tag
    • 5 CANDY-SCENTED HAIR CLIPS. Includes 5 unique sweet candy-scented hair barrettes shaped like candies to wear and share between child and unicorn. Perfect for holding braids in mane or hairstyle
    • PERFECT GIFT. A great gift in a pretty package topped with a gold bow. A high-quality feature unicorn at a great price
    • INCLUDED HAIRBRUSH. Cherry comes with a glittery orange butterfly-shaped hairbrush to style her long silky multi-colored mane and tail
    • COLLECT THE WHOLE CANDY WORLD. There are 3 styles of Candy Unicorns, each with a matching candy-scented Candy Princess doll, Candy Little Unicorn and Little Candy Princess doll. Each sold separately
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