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LOL Surprise Earth Love Earthy B.B. Doll with 7 Surprises

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Introducing limited edition LOL Surprise Earth Love Doll Earthy B.B. in our new earth-friendly PAPER BALL! Celebrate Earth Day by unboxing 7 surprises to reveal all the ways you can help heal the Surprise World!

Both Grow Grrrl and Earth B.B. are on a mission to protect the planet and make our world a happier and healthier place for all the B.B.s (including us!) to live in.  Feed or bathe Earthy B.B. for a water surprise! Will your doll cry, spit, or tinkle?

Collect both LOL Surprise Earth Love Grow Dolls: Grow Grrrl and Earthy B.B.!

Product Features

    • CELEBRATE EARTH DAY. Grow Grrrl and Earthy B.B. love planet Earth and show their appreciation by recycling and planting trees
    • PAPER BALL. A new look and feel to the LOL Surprise brand that reduces waste and is kind to planet earth
    • WATER SURPRISE. Feed or bathe Earthy B.B. for a water surprise! Will your doll cry, spit, or tinkle
    • REVEAL SECRET MESSAGE. Uncover the secret message for even more fun
    • UNBOX 7 SURPRISES. Limited Edition Earth Love Doll in Paper Ball Packaging; Secret Message; Bottle; Hat; Outfit; Shoes; Gardening Gloves/Plant 
    • PLAY WITH THE WHOLE CREW. Collect both Grow Grrrl and Earthy B.B.
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