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MGA's Dream Ella Candy Carriage and Unicorn

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MGA’s Dream Ella inspires kids to be whatever they dream. In a magical world of candy, you'll find a unicorn as sweet as can be. She pulls a candy carriage for all the candy royalty.

MGA’s Dream Ella Candy Carriage and Unicorn are both candy themed! The pretty sparkly candy carriage can transport the Candy Princesses all around a magical world of candy. Both the carriage and unicorn fit all MGA's Dream Ella and MGA's Dream Bella dolls.

MGA’s Dream Ella and MGA's Dream Bella dolls inspire kids to be whatever they dream. DreamElla, Yasmin, and Aria step into a magical world of candy and find themselves and their little sisters DreamBella, Jaylen and Aubrey transformed into Candy Princesses along with their unicorns, Ocean, Cherry, Lilac, Sea Glass, Ribbon, and Lavender transformed into Candy Unicorns. In this land of sugar swirls, dreams come true, and everything smells so sweet!

MGA’s Dream Ella Candy Princess Assortments, Candy Unicorn Assortments and Candy Carriage make the perfect gifts for young imaginative play. The dolls are candy-scented! Each doll and unicorn is sold separately. Collect the entire candy world!

Product Features

    • CANDY THEMED FUN. The Candy Carriage features shiny pink candy colors, quilted interior details, glittery blue sugar railing and swirly lollipop wheels to add magic to the Candy Princesses’ ride through the candy world
    • FITS TWO FASHION DOLLS. Created to carry two MGA's Dream Ella Candy Princess dolls, but fits most 11.5” fashion dolls
    • BEAUTIFUL UNICORN INCLUDED. Sprinkles the unicorn is pearlescent white with gold glitter horn, brushable bright pink, fuchsia mane & tail, pink pearlized hooves and blue eyes
    • HORSE RIDING PLAY. The unicorn and its soft bubblegum pink bridle, reins, and saddle are removable and can be played with separately from the carriage
    • WORKING DOORS & WHEELS. Two carriage doors open and close and the wheels really roll!
    • COLLECT THE ENTIRE CANDY WORLD. There are 3 styles of candy-scented Candy Princess dolls and Candy Little Princess Dolls who love to ride in the carriage and Peppermint's 6 Candy Unicorn friends in the candy world. Each sold separately
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