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Holiday Gift Guide for LOL Dolls - 2022

The holidays are approaching fast, and we have the scoop on the best LOL Surprise dolls, playsets, and dollhouses that make a perfect Christmas gift for your little girls, big girls, and friends 4 years old and up. Get your Christmas wrapping paper, stickers, confetti, and Christmas decorations, and get ready for the ultimate Christmas celebration with this gift idea list of exclusive dolls, LOL Surprise toys, and more!

LOL Surprise OMG 4-in-1 Glamper Fashion Camper with 55+ Surprises - Metallic Silver

The first LOL Surprise gift on the list has it all! It features more than ten hangout areas and features 55+ surprises to unbox, and it fits LOL Surprise OMG fashion dolls and LOL Surprise dolls

The front detaches to become a cute, separate car with an adjustable D.J. booth, working headlights, and horn. The back opens up to 2 feet tall by 3 feet wide for the whole glam life experience. 

With surprises that include mixing D.J. Booth, Cafe, Bunk Beds, Fashion Runway, Vanity Room with mirrors, opening drawers and closets filled with fashion and makeup accessories, and BBQ Patio skewers, take all your B.B.s on a fabulous road trip!

LOL Surprise Confetti Pop 3 Pack Showbaby - 3 Re-released Dolls Each with 9 Surprises

The 3-pack LOL Surprise Confetti pack makes an excellent gift for your LOL Surprise fan. The surprise party unboxing includes a surprising POP of confetti in every ball. Unbox 9 layers of surprise in each ball, including an LOL Surprise doll with a water surprise. Feed or bathe your doll to reveal a water surprise. Will your doll cry, spit, tinkle, or color change?

Confetti Pop ball can be put back together and popped again and again. Collect all four confetti packs!

LOL Surprise OMG Fashion Journal - Electronic Password Journal with Watch

Become a fashion queen like Queen Bee and store all your secrets in this stylish electronic journal.

Unlock the LOL Surprise OMG Outrageous Millennial Girls Fashion Journal with the included working gold watch.

The journal plays an LOL Surprise song when it opens.

Inside, find a fashion plate with an outline of an LOL Surprise OMG Outrageous Millennial Girls character and three sets of vinyl stickers featuring different outfit pieces – shoes, tops, skirts, and more. Design your own fashions by creating an outfit on the fashion plate. Stickers are reusable so that you can design fierce looks again and again.

Use the invisible ink pen to write secret messages only you can see when you shine the magic black light over it. It also includes a fashion notebook and storage to keep other secrets.

LOL Surprise Remix 16-Inch Bike with Wireless Music Speaker for Kids

The LOL Surprise Remix Bike might be the perfect gift on the list! What better surprise under the tree than a LOL Surprise bike?

Kids will love being able to cruise around to their favorite music on the included wireless speaker with a microphone. Parents love the adjustable training wheels and coaster brakes that make this bike perfect for kids to practice riding. Bonus: it is safe, sturdy, and comfortable with a metal frame, ergonomic seat, and padded handlebars.

Get the fiercest, cutest, most fashionable bicycle out there; The LOL Surprise Remix 16-Inch Bike with Speaker!

LOL Surprise OMG Fierce Limited Edition Premium Collector Cleopatra Doll

Play dress up and play makeover with the Queen herself- Cleopatra! This OMG Fierce fashion doll line collector edition includes luxe fashions and dazzling accessories. The exquisite headdress, body armor, arm cuffs, and earrings all highlight Cleopatra’s royally elegant style. Reveal a new look by removing the cape and overskirt, showcasing her magnificent heels inspired by the original queen’s daring style, and putting it close to the top of our best gifts list!

LOL Surprise Playing Cards-Tots

Grab your little sisters, big brothers, neighbors, and cousins to play all of your favorite classic card games in LOL Surprise style with the LOL Surprise Playing Cards.

A full deck of cards, including Jokers with your favorite LOL Surprise characters! Includes 54 cards and a storage box for your cards after play is over.

Collect all three LOL Surprise Playing Cards - Pets, Tots, and Lil Sisters!

LOL Surprise Pets Eye Spy Series

These animal cuties have multiple layers of surprise to keep your LOL Surprise fan smiling from ear to ear this Christmas! Unbox the spy glass to find codes and unlock surprises! As you unbox each layer, a surprise is unveiled, hinting at which LOL Surprise Pet you will get!

LOL Surprise Eye Spy Series Pets include puppies, kitties, bunnies, skunks, ponies, and owls!

There's a new way to unbox your accessories! Scoop in the litter box for surprises! Feed or bathe LOL Surprise Eye Spy Series Pets for a water surprise!

Collect them all!

Whether you settle on one of our suggestions or go a different route with a fashion doll from the tweens series that comes with a doll stand or LOL Surprise Winter Chill dolls, you’ll find outstanding gifts for everyone this Christmas!