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Candy Theme Party Ideas

Birthday parties are one of the most anticipated events for a kid every year. And what better way to celebrate big than with a themed party! While there are many great options for your candy-themed birthday party, the most common and timeless has been a Candyland-themed party. Let's take your Candyland party to the next level with our LOL Mini Sweets Dolls collection! Get ready for some unique do-it-yourself party decorations and fabulous centerpieces for a mash-up Candyland birthday party with LOL Mini Sweets Dolls.

Get Your Candy Name

Keep everyone on their toes with this next-level sweet party, and give your guests their party favor at the beginning of the event. Every guest gets a LOL Mini Sweet Surprise to unwrap where their name will be revealed, depending on which doll they get! Then, let the party games begin!

You could be one of the Jolly Ranchers dolls, like Flava Mix, Cherry Dazzle, or Green Apple Gap. Or maybe even Mike and Ikes' Rockin Mike and Gamer Ike! What about Whoppers Malted Maven, Smarties Smart Sk8er, or Hot Tamales Fierce Cinnamon Girl? You can't go wrong between Chupa Chups Pigtails Cutie, Dum-Dums Mystery Pop QT, Peeps Tough Chick, Kisses Fancy Kiss, or Pez Miss Smiles! You can even have an assortment of fabulous and unique clothing and accessories for each guest to dress the part!

How Does the Game Work?

Grab the cup with your associated candy, and get ready to play the part! Give them a piece of your candy if you accidentally call someone by a name other than their candy name. Whoever has the most candy in their cup at the end of the game wins! Depending on the ages at the child's party, add name tags with the candy name to help. Make it a little more challenging by using stickers of the picture of each candy. Whichever way you decide to play, your guests will love the goodies and colorful candy they collect throughout the party.

Build a Candy House for Your LOL Mini Sweet Dolls

Instead of your Christmas Gingerbread House, it's time to build the Ultimate Candy House! Gather as many sweet treats as possible- hard candy like gumballs and lollipops, cotton candy, sprinkles, and even giant candy make for incredible house decorations. The larger sweets like donuts, cupcakes, and graham crackers are ideal for building walls and ceilings. Get creative and have the guests use the candy wrappers for an extra flare. Don't forget a durable tablecloth for this activity!

Make a Candy Necklace

What better craft for a girl's birthday party than making candy necklaces! While Lifesavers (or another candy with a hole in it) are ideal, you can use a needle to make holes in any other candy you want.

A Candy Bar

Nothing says "happy birthday" quite like a candy bar! Turn your candy bar into another sweet candy game for your party. Divide the guests into teams and create a shopping list. The list will specify certain candies and amounts to find in the "candy shop." Whichever team completes their list the fastest and most accurately wins!

A Candy Piñata

End your candy-themed event with an all-time favorite for any party- a piñata! Surprise the kids by filling it up with LOL Mini Sweets Surprise Dolls and confetti in addition to the candy.

To match all these sweet and fun ideas, you'll need fabulous birthday party decorations and party favor boxes too! Wow your guests with candy-themed party decorations like candy balloons, a magnificent balloon garland arch, and some awesome table toppers. Grab eye-catching and bright-colored party supplies like plates, cups, napkins, straws, and utensils! And of course for the big finale... a candy cake!

No matter which candy party decorations you use for your party, the girls will have fantastic memories of the sweetest party they have ever been to!